-   The congress scientific committee receives research abstracts that are characterized by new research treatments for their topics or provide values ​​and results in the field of social sciences.

-   Sending a research abstract of at least 150 words. The abstract reviews the importance of the research, its objectives, the problematic, and an outline of the research according to the following features:

  1. The topic of the research should be one of the themes of the congress.
  2. It is in accordance with accepted scientific standards.
  3. No less than 150 words and no more than 300 words
  4. Clearly write the title above the abstract.
  5. The name of the researcher or researchers should be noted above the    abstract, affiliation, and country.
  6. The contact information should be written: E-mail and phone number (WhatsApp number, if any).
  7. A recent personal photo of the researcher or researchers is placed at the top of the page.
  8. A scientific biography of no more than three lines is written in the margins of the abstract page.

 _ The scientific committee will review the research abstracts on their first arrival. The accepted proposals will be notified by "letter of acceptance", heading towards sending the final paper_ The entire research article is sent after the congress to be published in an international scientific journal with anInternational Impact Factor or in a collective book issued by the forum and bearing international coding (ISBN) - according to the researcher's choice.


For the submission of research studies, the following regulations should be followed:

  1. The material sent for publication must be original, has never been published and has not been sent for publication elsewhere..
  2. The first page should contain the complete research title, the researcher's name, his/her academic rank, the institution's name and the researcher's email.
  3. The research article should contain an English abstract with key words.
  4. The research article should not exceed 25 pages, and not less than 7 pages, Microsoft Word document, with 2 centemetres margins and single spaces lines, pages should includ the bibliography, tables and charts.
  5. Arabic researcharticle should be written in 14 fonts Simplified Arabic in the body of the research, 20 bold fonts (Gras) for the main title and 16 bold fonts for the subtitles. 12 fonts Times New Roman for the Latin inscript in the body of the research, and 14 fonts bold type (Majusclue) for the main title.
  6. APA-7 documentation system is the recommended style in writing
  7. The researchers will be automatically notified through emails upon the reception of their research projects. They will also be notified about all the procedures of reviewing as they should submit the amendments if required.



  • The receivedresearch article is subject to secret scientific arbitration, and is evaluated according to the following: originality, depth, and the extent of its contribution to scientific research, safety of presentation and language.
  • The researchers are notified of receiving their researches when they arrive (automatic message) via their e-mail.
  • They are notified of the progress of the arbitration process, with the necessity of complying with the necessary amendments if necessary.