Congress preamble

Language is a vessel through which human thought expresses the relationship that binds it to the surrounding world. Language was not only a tool for preserving social, intellectual, religious, educational and economic experiences and all the various human activities, but it was a driving force for building human experience, historically and intellectually.

There is no doubt that language has evolved with the development of man in all the historical stages that he has gone through. Not only, it has expanded and variedtopics of literature, poetry and prose alongside the ancient and modern sciences of criticism, but also the relationship of language with the human and applied sciences has evolved in all fields of human knowledge, such as the relationshipwith psychology, sociology, philosophy, history and others.

Twentieth century transformations, especially the postmodern philosophies such as structuralism and distribusionalism, which gave birth to multiple critical approaches, has pushed forward human sciences programs.

In this congress, we are primarily seekingthe basic topics studied by language, literature and critical approaches, as well as other fields of knowledge to which language is related as psychology, philosophy, history, translation, manuscript verification, and so one.

From this standpoint, Rimar Academy/Turkey, in cooperation with Idr University andBaghdad University organizes the second international scientific congress “language and Literature” in face-to-face meeting and online from 24th to 25th, June 2021.


The congress administration invites all interested people, researchers, academics, university professors, scientists and all those interested by the language and human studies, to participate in this congress , that it can be a knowledge asset in the field of linguistic and literary studies, think which can be achieved only throwan interactive relationship led by a research team.

Congress folded