1. Publishing the papers participating in the congress in an international scientific journal, classified in international indexes, or in a special book issued by the congresswith (ISBN), as desired by the researcher.
  2. Participation certificates from Rimar Academy, Limark Center for Contemporary Studies and Research, and the congress sponsoring universities and institutions.
  3.  Attending two workshops during the congress days, on scientific publishing and digital archiving, and the participant will be given a certificate of attendance at the workshop.
  4.  Publishing the abstracts in a special book issued by the publishing house of Rimar Academy in Turkey.
  5.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided during the congress days.
  6.  Participant Package, which includes the congress program and stationery with an introductory book at the congress's sponsoring institutions, and an affiliation form for those wishing to joinRimar Academy.
  7.  Services accompanying the congress, from receiving and organizing congress sessions and acquaintance sessions.
  8.  Acquaintance and communicating with all who are interested in the field of social sciences, and building scientific, social and functional partnerships, especially for those who are in the stage of graduate studies.