Call for Papers:

Social Sciences are the pillars that ensure the coexistence of the scientific behavior of studying the sociatal bonds between human beings and their associated communities.The Origins of the sociatal interrelatins between man and societies goes back to the Greeks who used to have great interests in the philosophical enquiries about nature, ethics and religions. Basically, there is an influence and effect between the past, present, and the futeure , and this is why our conference will focus on contemporary studies in social sciences, based on the pioneering researches. More importantly, , these sciences have become the essence of the Renaissance and development in modern European history.


Social Sciences are not limited to social workers or academics only, but they are broad sciences that incorporate a variety of disciplines such as psychology, sociology, geography, history, information, language, education, and the study of social relations among individuals as well. Therefore,thisscienceisconsidered as the science of all sciences for its ability to provide an insight into how each of the other sciences and innovations work and provide sociologists with both analytical and communicative skills required in industries and organizations. It helps them to solve big issues in the world that have massive impacts on society, so what distinguishes social scientists that they have the skills to see the world differently, as well as being able to find information that others may miss.


Believing in the importance of the scientific research in serving society and as well as exchanging ideas, Rimar Academy and Cooperating Organizers (Universities) are pleased to invite scholars and researchers to participate in the activities and sessions of this forum with the intention of enhancing communication between researchers in the fields of social sciences in its first international scientific congress that will beheld in 06- 07- 08 / November / 2020 in Istanbul; the spring of science and knowledge.


Hopefully, we work on this congress to make it as an academic edifice and will achieve positive resultus that bring benefit for human and community through the participation of researchers and scientists within the scope of social science. These contributions will help to analyze the intertwined issues in human world.