About Rimar Congress

Why RimarCongress:

In the social life, a human organizes his/ her interactions with others according to one's own visions that arise from the system of values ​​that man grew upwith.It originates from the established personal system that is depended on the basis of the prevailing belief in the society, which is growing throughfactors of religion,culture, history and the social environment.

Perhaps the most important result produced by the great development in the field of social sciences is to enable researchers to study human societies with scientific boldness and creative effectiveness that makes the other know us through our pens and our ideas. This leads to work on highlighting a new discourse that stems from our heritage and originality, and is characterized by a global discourse Not a closed, self-directed speech. Perhaps our presentation of social studies in an effective scientific form will enable us to exit from the intellectual isolation experienced by some societies to communicate with the rest of the people of the world; because societies in modern times live decisive societal transformations.

The International Scientific Rimar Congress on Social Sciences in its first edition aims to produce scientific knowledge about societies, based on a sense of societal scientific responsibility; The paths of change that are witnessed require accompaniment, an understanding of their internal logic, the factors that affect them, as well as creating awareness commensurate with their importance through the scientific approach to community issues, and an understanding of societal phenomena.

The invitation is open to academics, researchers, thinkers, and students of higher levels (Master - PhD) to participate in the congress and contribute for achieving its goals.


Congress vision:

Rimar’s first International Research Congress on Social Sciences looks to reach a local and global leadership position in the field of social studies; to build balanced, happy and healthy human societies based on justice, equality and respect. It also looks forward to establish a bridge of scientific, human and cultural communication first among researchers, and second,among societies. t aims at enhancing human and scientific ties based on scientific research, dialogue, respect, and acceptance of the other away from incompatibility, exclusion, and nervousness of all kinds.


Congress goals:

  • Detecting the latest scientific research findings in the field of social sciences.
  • Finding appropriate solutions to urgent humanitarian problems.
  • Developing and encouraging scientific research in the field of social studies.
  • Establishing bridges of scientific communication between researchers in the field of social sciences from all over the world.
  • Providing equal opportunities for researchers, contribute to the service of humanity, and building its high-classcivilizations.
  • Developing Turkish-Arab relations at the level of higher education and scientific research.